The story of BERGSPITZ
Be unique - Be united. Peru and Switzerland do not only have the high mountains in common: Since 2006, there is a new and unusual initiative growing in Bern which allows two continents to move even closer together. The FairFashion brand of BERGSPITZ unites "The Best of both Worlds".
The Team and Streetwear label is produced in the middle of the Andes, 3,260 metres above sea level, in the mountain town of Huancayo and is produced under fair conditions. The wages of our employees play an important role and investments are maid to educate the employees and their families. Not only is the concept ethically correct, the quality is right, too. Our assortment includes now Corporate Fashion, tracksuits, track Jackets, Hoodies, shirts and Caps.

- BERGSPITZ im 'BUND' am 28.11.2007 

- BERGSPITZ im 'heute' am 15.11.2007

- BERGSPITZ im 'Berner Oberländer' am 03.09.2007



 BERGSPITZ im 'Bieler Tagblatt' am 18.8.07.

BERGSPITZ in der 'Berner Zeitung BZ' am 12.7.07.


BERGSPITZ im '20MInuten' am 31.7.07

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